Cerby Finance
As of January 12, 2022 (this page will be periodically updated)
Total Supply increases by approximately 6% annually from CerbyStaking rewards.
Annual Inflation Rate = (Staked Supply x Average APR) / Total Supply
CerbyToken burn mechanisms may be introduced in the future to reduce or reverse the inflation rate.

Current Staked Supply

4.1B (Biz Dev Fund) + 4.3B (Team Allocation) + 8.3B (Investors) = 16.7B CERBY
  • Percentage of Business Development Fund Staked: 83%
  • Percentage of Team Allocation Staked: 85%
  • Percentage of Total Supply Staked: 32%
  • Total Value Locked (TVL): $9.5M

Current Circulating Supply

51.3B (Total) - 16.7B (Staked) - 0.9B (Liquid Biz Dev) - 11.0B (Stable Coin Reserve) = 22.7B CERBY

Circulating Supply Formula:

Circulating Supply = Total Supply - Business Development Fund (liquid) - Staked Supply - Stable Coin Reserve
You can view the up-to-date tokenomics on our Telegram channel by running the '/supply' command.
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