Cerby Finance
Our Values
Cerby Finance values security, quality, community, user experience, and opportunity.
With the increasing threat environment, the security of our products is of the utmost importance to protect our users and investors. Our products are peer-reviewed, and all security audits will be complete before mass adoption.
Quality of execution is essential to gaining and retaining the trust of our users, investors, and community. We take the time needed to ensure everything is correct, and little to no code is reused from other projects to ensure we have complete insight into all code.
Our community is central to our success, and our commitment to transparency and communication is paramount to earning their trust. We actively engage our community to solicit feedback, answer questions, and act on feature requests. Join our main Telegram channel to check it out.
A positive user experience is essential to product adoption. We prioritize the user experience of our products & services to simplify DeFi for our users. For example, we have introduced staking bonuses that benefit small to average investors, whereas other projects benefit whales. In addition, we use proprietary anti-bot technology to level the playing field for our users, ensuring they do not lose value to automated bots.
Identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities in the crypto space is vital to driving continued value and growth for our investors. Our agile development approach allows us to quickly pivot towards new opportunities, including expansion to new networks in need of foundational DeFi products & services.
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