Cerby Finance
Staking Bonuses and Penalties


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    Longer Pays Better: if you stake for 10 years, you will get a minimum of 40% APR. If you stake for 1 year, your APR will be 13%. It is recommended to stake as long as possible.
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    Smaller Pays Better: if you stake a small amount, for example, 1,000 CERBY, you will get a 50% APR (on a 10-year stake). If you staked more than 1,000,000 CERBY, your APR will fall to 40%. It is recommended to split your stake into small pieces, less than 1,000,000 CERBY.


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    Early End Stake (EES): This penalty starts from 100% and decreases to 0% as your stake ends. If you end your stake on the first day, you will lose all of your staked principal and reward (everything!). If you end your stake a day before the stake ends, you will get back 99% of your principal and reward. It is recommended never to end your stake early.
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    Late End Stake (LES): This penalty applies if you forget to end your stake after it has matured. The penalty increases at 5% per month after a 30 day grace period. It is recommended to end your stakes within 30 days after maturing.
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