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Cerby Wrapping Service
In Development (beta)
Cerby Wrapping Service leverages our Cross-Chain Token Standard to allow users to wrap any existing token on any supported chain, making them bridgeable via CerbyBridge to any other supported chain with built-in bot protection. At any given moment, the supply of wrapped tokens equals the supply of the original tokens.
Wrapped tokens will have a symbol format of: cer{TOKEN_SYMBOL}.{ORIGINATING_CHAIN}.
For example, the wrapped Ethereum USDC token will be cerUSDC.eth and wrapped Binance Smart Chain BUSD token will be cerBUSD.bsc.
After bridging, the wrapped tokens can be unwrapped on the destination chain or remain in their wrapped state.
Link to Cerby Wrapping Service: https://bridge.cerby.fi/wrap
Last modified 23d ago
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