Cerby Finance
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How do I invest in Cerby Finance?
How will Cerby Finance benefit the Radix DLT network?
When will the Radix DLT network be supported?
What networks are currently supported?
What are the tokenomics of CerbyToken?
Is the total supply of CerbyToken fixed, increasing, or decreasing?
How is the circulating supply of CerbyToken calculated?
When do you expect to start formal marketing?
When will CerbyToken be listed on centralized exchanges?
Why is the liquidity not locked?
How are changes to liquidity, contracts, and products governed?
What prevents the team from selling if the team allocation is not locked in a vesting contract?
Why is CerbyToken (CERBY) flagged as a honeypot on sites like rugdoc.io and honeypot.is?
Is the team doxxed?
What are the project's milestones and deliverables in the roadmap?
Why haven't the contract and security audits been conducted yet?
Why are the Cerby Finance products not open sourced on GitHub?
When was CerbyToken launched?
Is there a penalty if I end my stake early?
What does Scrape Stakes do?
What is the potential APR if I stake my CerbyTokens?
Is there any advantage to staking on one network compared to others?
Where can I download the current version of the CerbyMask browser extension?
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